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At Mansfield Window Cleaners we endeavour to keep ahead of the rest through both self build systems home modified equipment and state of the art equipment from mainstream suppliers.

Recently I had the privilige of reviewing a new type of squeegee channel from industry leaders Moerman.  The squeegee is called the liquidator and without getting technical, cuts out the need for your window cleaner to wipe around the edge of the glass because the squeegee removes water from the edge that normally gets left behind, a pet hate of most traditional cleaners in the industry.

Here is copy of the review that is featured in the top uk industry magazine WCP Mag:




WCP review of the Moerman Liquidator Squeegee Channel

Where do you start when you do a review on a piece of kit that arrives in the post, look and feel is the obvious place and the Liquidator Channel doesn't disapoint there.  The end clips are a pretty cool vivid blue colour and the channel itself black so all in all pretty good looking if you can call a squeegee channel that.

As for the feel, it's very light which you'd expect from aluminium but feels pretty strong and the plastic end clips are very sturdy too.

In use the Liquidator feels very good on the glass and although the rubber supplied was a little soft for me it was still ok but I simply swapped it for my favourite brand and noticed a difference straight away.

Smooth on the glass and when fanning turns were easy and smooth but thats not all the Liquidator is about now is it.

It's claimed that using the Liquidator will virtually eliminate detailing and unsurprisingly those claims in my opinion are absolutely true, for instance I used the Liquidator first on my own home to get a feel for it and even though ALL of my channels are dog eared I've never gotten away with not detailing my own windows at least a little.

Well not until now, after a little practise and it was only a little I did my whole ground floor and didn't need to detail one little bit.  The only thing I wiped was the bottom edge.

In round up, a great bit of kit and well worth the £8 price tag,.

Yes you can dog ear your channels in virtually the same way but with the Liquidator theres no need to as it does just as good and even better job out of the box in my opinion and I know from experience that some, especially people that are new to the industry can be a little wary of getting a hacksaw to their channels so now they don't need to and its perfect everytime.  You just won't need to modify this at all which is always a bonus.

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