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Mansfield Window Cleaners have many years experience cleaning probably every type of conservatory and orangery. Because of this experience we have an extensive knowledge of each type and the methods best utilised to ensure a first class clean.

Each style of conservatory and orangery too has it's own set of problems when cleaning, Whilst lean to's can be a long reach from the front to the back so less prssure can be applied to the cleaning brush head so can t-shaped, p-shaped and Elizabethan have the same problem from the side if the rear of the roof slopes back down to the property wall. In this case we may use remote cameras on extending carbon fibre poles to ensure that every bit is cleaned.

Flow of water through the gutters can be a problem as well so Mansfield window cleaners always ensure that they are free of dirt and debris before we commence a conservatory clean.

Occasionally if access is very narrow to sides of conservatories we may need to seek permission to have access to next door to work over a fence for instance but usually every surface is cleanable one way or another and we would normally be able to clean with only 18 inch to 2 feet clearance either side.

Here below are all of the main types of conservatory to be found across Nottinghamshire.


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