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 ? Do you use harsh, toxic chemicals.

  • At Mansfield window cleaners we try to use plant based, environmentally friendly chemicals and cleaning solutions wherever we can, this includes the soap solution we use for our traditional style window cleaning.  When confronted with extremely bad moss and algae deposits such as on conservatories or soffits and fascias we do have to use something stronger which I'm sure you understand.  The chemicals we do use are simply a mix of degreasers and fairly harmless enzimes that kill off the algae and we are careful with their use although they are so diluted that they shouldn't harm plant life.

? Will the water you use clean properly.

  • Yes, pure water cleaning is now the industry standard used by most window cleaners, not just because it is safer and within recent health and safety guidelines but because it is actually better than traditional methods when done properly and Mansfield window cleaners have trained in this method for 2 years before fully committing to it.

 ? What exactly is pure water.

  • Pure water is common tap water that has been forced through a series of filters called a reverse osmosis system which removes virtually all of the additives like chlorine, calcium, flouride, aliminium sulphate, sodium, pesticides, nitrates and hormones etc.  It is then forced again through a de-ionising filter that removes every last little bit making it 100% pure and contaminent free.

  ? Why don't you dry it.

  •  Because there is nothing but pure water left on your windows we can't use a squeegee because there is no soap to help it slip on the glass but being left to dry naturally gives the best finish anyway, when left to dry on it's own no contaminents can come into contact with the glass to spoil the spot free shine that is left on your windows or conservatory.

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