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Wasp Nest Treatment Control in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire

wasp control mansfield nottsWasp stings as most of us can agree are quite painful and many of them at once can be dangerous and that is an unfortunate possibility when in close proximity to a nest when we're trying to enjoy time in our gardens during a hot summer. Only female wasps can sting repeatedly but one nest can be home to thousands of males too because they are social creatures and live to mate so the risk of multiple stings can be very high when faced with an aggressive swarm protecting their nest.

Treating a wasp nest is usually the best method of controlling the problem and reduce threat of being stung but this in itself can be dangerous so is best left to Mansfield professionals.

wasp nest treatment mansfield nottinghamshireThey can be an absolute nuisance especially when there are children playing in your garden, this is where Mansfield Window Cleaners can help, what started as just an add on service for our regular window cleaning customers is now available to anyone in the Mansfield, Nottinghamshire area and we can even offer a same day service if you contact us before 2pm.

We specialise in exterior treatments using extending carbon fibre poles and custom made spray attachments that are not available anywhere else either commercially or domestically. This equipment enables us to reach wasp nests from a distance whether it is close to ground level or high up at roof level 30-40 feet high.

Please note that we don't remove the nests that we treat for the simple reason that if removed the area can be inhabited again as early as the next spring but when left other wasps will steer clear, wasps dont use the same nest twice but because its basically a dead nest others wont create there humble abode in the same place.

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