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Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Information

covid 19 cleaning informationThe world as we know it has possibly changed forever and will definitely go down in world history books as one of the most important moments in time.

At the start of the outbreak we were paying particular attention to both yours and our own health and safety with the sanitisation of areas that we may have touched and the areas around your home that see a lot of traffic, anything we touched by hand plus your door handles and letterboxes were being disinfected as we mentioned in our last news post.

Due to confusion surrounding who can work and who can't we have taken a week off whilst we investigated this and having read everything that the government has distributed since 23rd March 2020 and also looked at advice from Chamber Of Commerce amongst others and we have decided that it is safe and legal for us to clean windows etc.

We can confirm that we will be resuming work on 1st April 2020  but this will be with some strict new practices in place.


Window cleaning falls into a specific work group that is still able to be completed legally under the new government guide lines. The guidelines are clear on the Gov Website and state "Only go outside for food, health reasons or work" (but only if you cannot work from home).

Our customers live in domestic properties and have their external windows, frames, sills and doors cleaned. We have decided to continue cleaning as suggested by the government here as they mention it's important for businesses to carry on. The reason it's important to carry on is mainly for economic reasons which will affect the whole country in a positive way.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock said employers should take "every possible step" to allow for remote working, but added: "I want to be absolutely clear, when people absolutely can not work from home they can still go to work - indeed it's important that they do to keep the country running."

MWC will be assessing the situation daily and following any further instruction from the Prime Minister.  Be also assured that we are following guidelines set out by the government concerning safe working practices during these trying times.

Key changes to our working practises during the Covid-19 pandemic.

  • Firstly you can skip cleaning during this time we totally understand.
  • EVERY customer will receive a pre warning text night before clean.
  • Water fed pole cleaning only ALL traditional cleaning is suspended.
  • Internal cleaning has been suspended so please don't ask for this.
  • 2 metre rule will be adhered to at all times.
  • We will be wearing gloves at all times & mask when in close proximity.
  • We are still sanitising what we touch including gate latches etc.
  • We ask whenever possible you pay online or sign up to GoCardless.
  • If you can't pay online place on floor or pass safely (change is sanitised)

Perhaps most importantly.

We cannot clean your property if anyone living there is either self isolating or shielding, besides being a sensible approach it is a legal requirement for us to adhere to this rule.

Hopefully normal service will resume in the not too distant future so stay healthy everyone.

Ian, MWC

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