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gutter soffit fascias cleaned in mansfield nottinghamshireDo you live in a semi detached home in Mansfield and need your uPVC soffits, fascias and gutters cleaning?

Mansfield window cleaners often turn up to clean uPVC on one house and the home next door is as bad or sometimes even worse which can still defer from the kerb appeal of the property we are cleaning.  Most of the time the neighbour hasn't thought about having their plastics cleaned and don't realise that it's relatively easy and not expensive.  Once the soffit's, fascias and gutters are cleaned on the house we're there to clean it can also totally ruin the look of next door because one side of the facade is spotless and the other is usually downright filthy in comparison.



What Mansfield window cleaners have decided to do is offer you and your neighbour a 30% discount on the total cost of cleaning both properties.  This is possible mainly because once a property is sparkling, next door ask us to come back and clean their plastics too so theres doesnt look odd and not maintained and doing them both at the same time reduces fuel, travel and set up time costs for us.

The savings also don't stop there because we do this on multiple services anyway, for instance when we clean a conservatory we can clean the windows above it for a low cost that traditional window cleaners can't access and we would reduce the cost of uPVC cleaning as we are already at the property and set up.

To find out just how much you and your neighbours could save by booking us together give Ian a call on 07443 848950 or fill in our form here on the website.

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