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home residential conservatory roof cleaners in mansfield nottsWell I did an internal conservatory clean in Mansfield this week and although taking an hour longer than expected (3 hrs) myself and the homeowner (I think) were very happy with the results.

All uPVC frames including inside the roof was cleaned to practically new standard which is pretty good considering the conservatory was 15+ years old.

I'm always trying out new techniques in order to improve the service that I offer and although I cover anything inside your conservatory with plastic sheets I'm always concerned about water falling onto anything causing staining or damage so I tried out a Karcher window vac and to my great surprise I have to say I was very impressed.  It does make the job of cleaning the glass/plastic roof panels a little slower but it totally eliminates the risk of water falling onto anything as there are no drips so I will be utilising these machines on a few inside conservatory roof cleaning bookings in the future.

I won't be using these for anything else I'll be carrying on doing it "properly" but for this one job and possibly a few more and inside skylights etc I think it will prove a godsend.

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