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domestic home window cleaners in mansfield nottsOh dear as the title of this blog post suggests it's been throwing it down with rain all day today but hey every cloud has a silver lining, well they hold a lot of water anyway.

It may not be ideal for window cleaning in Mansfield today but a lot of rainwater has been harvested, enough in fact for a couple of days cleaning so the reverse osmosis system can be ignored for a few days and the rain can simply be de-ionised to purify it and we can clean with it.

Mansfield Window Cleaners try to reduce our carbon footprint as much as we can, using environmentally friendly cleaning solutions and recyclable tools but what more natural resource could there be than rainwater so we use it whenever we can.

Please note that since this article was posted due to storage limitations we no longer harvest rainwater for water fed pole window cleaning in Mansfield.

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